Student of the week


Kara Protasio

Fatima Oubaid

Reason Nominated:For creating Bods Feeding Bods, an organization that helps students who are struggling to get food while being a college student.

Why the idea: “I think that getting an education is hard enough and I don’t want anyone to ever have to choose between getting an education and providing for themselves or for their family. I think that we should reward people who are engaging in their education. I think it’s everyone’s basic right to not be hungry so I want to do everything I can within this community to help.”

Preparation for the organization: “I wanted to know how to make it possible. I had already completed a WTE with Dr. Mike Russell so I partnered with him as my faculty mentor. We spent last fall and last spring going through the steps that you would for a leadership WTE; doing research, seeing who is involved, going through the process of getting approval. He and I kind of spent the whole year getting all that started. From idea to background research, to understanding Washburn’s need to making a proposal.”

Advice to struggling students: “You [studentswho are struggling] are not alone. There are hundreds of students on this campus who are struggling just like you are. They are working and can’t always make ends meet but they’re trying to get an education. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. We are here to support you because at any time that could be one of us. It’s our goal to take off a little bit of the burden so you can focus on your studies.”

The grand opening for BodsFeedingBods’pantry will be at 11a.m. Nov.17 on the first floor of Henderson. There will also be a panel about college hunger Nov. 17 at 6 p.m. in Petro 220. To be a part of Bods Feeding Bods email them at [email protected].