Police Reports, 10/15/14

Police Reports

October 4

14:45 – Offense Report, Theft, CDP. Parking Lot 7. Report taken: Unknown suspects damaged student’s car and took radio antenna.

October 5

00:07 –  Information Report, Maintenance Problem.Petro Allied Health Center. Report taken: Officer discovered set of doors that would not close and were damaged. Reffered to Facilities.

October 6

08:15 – Information Report, Found Property: Wahburn Institute of Tech. Report not complete.

October 6

12:00 – Offense Report Theft, misdemeanor, Petro Allied Health Center; Report taken: Cash money was taken from a notebook belonging to the Washburn Golf Team.

October 7

13:57 –  Information Report Vehicle Damange, Parking Lot 9.  Report Taken: A vehicle was damaged by  a probably door ding.

October 7

01:12 – Offense  Report,  Criminal Damage to Property. Mabee Library.  Report Taken: Ukknown suspect(s) left graffiti on bathroom stalls.

October 8

19:55 – Information Report Medical Call. Yager Stadium.  Report Taken: Visiting HS student blacked out. Transport refused.