10 Gifts College Students are Wishing For This Christmas

Katie Wade

Struggling to find last minute gift ideas for the college student in your life? Here are ten items any college student is wishing for this Christmas.

1. iTunes Gift Card

Who doesn’t enjoy some new jams? After that long fall semester, let the college student in your life chill with some new music to make their ears happy. Plus, gift cards can be purchased just about anywhere! It’s a great gift to pick up if you’re in a hurry.

2. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of those items that you just do not realize how much you use until you have to start paying for it yourself. Toilet paper also seems to be a taboo topic of conversation in dorm life. Students often do not realize they are low on this necessity until they find themselves in a matter of direness. Save your college student a potentially awkward situation with the gift that keeps on giving – some good ole TP.

3. Tea and Infuser

Is your college student a tea enthusiast? They would most certainly enjoy a new tea infuser and some loose tea leaves. Worry not if you do not happen to know your gift-ee’s favorite flavor. Normally, a good English breakfast or earl grey will do. If you’re looking for a festive twist to fit the season, check for holiday flavors such peppermint and add some candy canes to the gift!

4. Barnes and Noble Gift Card

This gift is perfect for a college student who may be a true book lover…or just looks on with dread at the list of books needed for their classes next semester. The book lovers will no doubt tell you about their To Be Read list and the books they are ecstatic to order with the card. The average student will be grateful to have at least part of an expensive load covered for their next semester.

5. Artisan Coffee

College is not cheap and some students cannot always afford their favorite specialty brews. If you’re really trying to get on your college student’s good side, picking up a bag of grounds from their favorite coffee joint will most certainly do the trick! Topeka is abundant with awesome coffee hangouts. If you live in the area, check out some of the local spots for their specially made grounds.

6. Candy and Holiday Snacks

It’s food. The college student in your life will not be disappointed.

7. Cooking Utensils and Recipe Books

Students are always knocking on their neighbors’ doors to ask to borrow a saucepan or a can opener. Basic cooking utensils and a college recipe book are far too little remembered college necessities. Sneakily determine what cooking supplies your student needs or reference this great list from Full-thyme Student, a college themed cooking blog (http://fullthymestudent.com/must-have-kitchen-tools/).

8. School/Office Supplies

Did you know that students spend almost $1,500 per year on school supplies according to the College Board? After the fall semester, your student could be lacking anything from an efficient laptop or printer, to basic school supplies like mechanical pencils and notebooks. They would no doubt be thankful for a gift of school and office supplies.

9. Fuel Card

The University of North Carolina estimates that the average college student spends $1,452 per year on transportation, even more so if the student commutes to school. It is safe to assume that any college student would appreciate not having to stress about their gas expenses for the coming semester.

10. Cash

If you find yourself in a true bind with no idea of a gift for the student in your life, it is an absolute guarantee that they will enjoy the gift of cold hard cash. Nobody would sneeze at some extra dough around the holidays.