Magic and more come to Washburn

Kenzie McCoy

Washburn got a taste of magic Tuesday, Jan. 30.

Magician Peter Boie’s show started off with a feeling of energy in the room. Maybe it was the blaring music, the anxiously awaiting Washburn students or the way he casually walked around and conversed with students.

When the show started, Boi didn’t introduce himself – he just dove right in. He caught the attention of the entire room with his swift arm movements and sleight of hand. Immediately there were gasps from the audience. Then taking a break from the magic, Boie told a story about a lesson learned when he began trying out his own magic tricks. He also showed the audience how exactly he performed an impressive sleight of hand trick.

“[The show] was awesome,” said Shannon Van Hercke, a sophomore nursing major. “He did a lot of new tricks I haven’t seen before.”

Like many magic shows, Boie made sure to interact with the audience. Students were brought to the stage to help aid Boie’s tricks and illusions. One student was tasked with licking a Tootsie-Pop in order to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center. Boie amazed the student when he correctly guessed the number of licks it actually took the student to reach the center of the candy.

A few other students were tasked with putting Boie into a straitjacket while others were spooked with a chalkboard and a creepy story from Boie’s past.

Although Boie was an expert at his tricks, he also was an expert at making the crowd of students laugh at his witty, fun-filled jokes and occasional dance moves.

“[My favorite part] was when he put the needle in his arm,” said Jenna Hoyt, a junior nursing major. “I just don’t know how he did it. It was so interesting and new.”