Predictions For 2015

2014, a year marked with social unrest, political controversy, celebrity stupidity, ups, downs, all arounds and some of the most inane social media posts to date, is inally behind us.

Rather than waste paper relecting on events and occurrences that most of us would rather forget about, The Washburn Review staff pulled out our magic crystal ball (yep, we’ve got one of those) and took a peek at things to come in 2015.

While the reception was a bit fuzzy, we managed to pick up on a number of events-to-be that might pique a little interest.

With that, we proudly present our predictions for 2015.

– At least one Republican presidential candidate will focus his entire campaign on impeaching Obama.

– Bulldozed with criticism, Kansas governor Sam Brownback will resign from politics and live out the rest of his life in a French monastery.

– The Hufington Post will inadvertently hire an over-privileged 14 year old who writes a scathing editorial on the gate in front of his parents’ house. The backlash from his article will spark the #GateGate movement on social media.

– Someone might actually read The Washburn Review.

– Said someone will never admit to doing so.

– Experts discover that the Mayan calendar was indeed accurate and the world ended several months ago.

– Justin Bieber’s music career will crash and burn when his attempt to Photoshop talent fails miserably.

– December 25 will be renamed to “I Trampled Six People to Buy You This Day.”

– Barak Obama will become WWE champion after brutally assaulting John Cena with a health care plan.

– The cast of Jersey Shore will reunite long enough to apologize for existing.

– Concerns over player safety will prompt the NFL to institute new rules that prohibit players from stepping on the ield.

– Kim Kardashian will marry herself, divorce herself, take herself for every penny and die alone and broken-hearted. But irst, she’s gotta take a selie.

– Speaking of selies, STOP! – Everyone on Earth will become the star of their own reality show.

– Kansas will legalize marijuana, but we’ll all forget it happened six months later.

– Animated reality television will become a thing.

– Starbucks will open a Starbucks inside a Starbucks.

– You’re almost done reading this column. That’s all, folks! Have a great year. – WU Review