The Bible and Sex

Looking for a thought-provoking course to take this spring? Look no further than a new religious studies course, RG 110/300 The Bible and Sex, taught by Professor Barry Crawford.

In this course, students will discuss key questions regarding attitudes toward human sexuality through differing perspectives found in the Bible.

Often in today’s world, we see the Bible used as evidence for particular stances toward sex and related issues that do not take into account the true variety of outlooks provided in The Bible.

  • Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about sex?
  • Discuss stances that the Bible and other texts take regarding beliefs and practices of human sexuality.
  • This topic is important today because of how the Bible is invoked in contemporary debates relating to human sexuality; typically narrow appeals are made without an understanding of the Bible’s variety of outlooks on sex.  

As a class, students will study the Bible and other Ancient Near Eastern- and Eastern Mediterranean texts to broaden your understanding of existing stances concerning human sexuality.

This course will be taught MWF from 12:00-12:50 p.m. in Henderson 6.

Contact Crawford for more information: (785) 670-1543 or [email protected]