W-2 info

We now allow departments to select one person in the department to pick up W-2 forms for others in the same department. The procedure for picking up multiple

W-2’s is:

  • Each employee wishing to have his/her W-2 picked up must provide a signed, dated statement authorizing the pick-up to the employee who will be picking up the forms in the Business Office. This statement should be in the following form:

I, Joe Employee, authorize Jane Staff to pick up my 2014 Form W-2 from the Business Office on my behalf. 

  • The employee picking up the W-2’s must present a photo ID to verify her/his identity. S/he must then provide the signed authorizations to the Business Office. The Business Office will staple the authorizations together.
  • Upon receiving the requested W-2’s, the employee must sign the top page of the stapled group of authorizations to verify receipt of all the requested forms.
  • The employee is then responsible for distributing the W-2 forms to the appropriate employees in the department.

Please remember the following guidelines when picking up your own W-2:


  • You must present a photo ID to verify your identity.
  • Any employee wishing to pick up his/her spouse’s W-2 must present a statement signed by the spouse which authorizes the employee to pick up the W-2.
  • Except as noted above, employees may not pick up a W-2 for anyone other than their spouse; this includes siblings, parents, children, etc.
  • Box 14 of the W-2 has space for only 3 information items.  If you had (or think you may have) more than 3 items during 2012, you will have 2 forms; make sure that you get both.

A reminder: in Box 12, code DD is an information item only, showing the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance coverage (both employee and University premiums).  Contrary to what you may have heard about this amount, it is not taxable.  It is shown solely for your information.