Alpha Phi crowns King of Hearts

Moments before being named the 2015 King of Hearts, senior Louie Cortez answered a question posed by judges to a crowd of more than 100 people. He said his greatest fear is never finding love, signaling a tear falling from his eye with his hand.

Adam Vlach

The man who told a crowd of more than 100 people his greatest fear was never finding love became the King of Hearts Tuesday night, Feb. 10.

Washburn senior Louie Cortez was chosen from among 13 candidates and crowned the King of Hearts in the Alpha Phi sorority’s annual pageant, a part of its Cardiac Care Week philanthropy.

The King of Hearts pageant is a male pageant in which candidates compete in categories such as swim wear, formal wear, talent show and a “go red” attire portion. Candidates are chosen through an application process, but all 13 who applied were admitted into the contest.

“Go red” attire included clothing ranging from dresses and heels to nothing but shorts, all of it being red.

“The point of the pageant is to get men around campus, fraternities and organizations, just students around campus to get involved and have fun in our philanthropy week,” said senior Elizabeth Burgett, former vice president of programming and education for Alpha Phi.

The winner was chosen by a panel of judges. In past years, the panel has included faculty members. This year it consisted of sorority presidents. Cortez won after showing off some vibrant dance moves in the “go red” act.

Burgett said last year Alpha Phi raised a little more than $5,000 during its philanthropy week, a record high.

“We are trying to exceed that goal, and every year we raise a little bit more money, which is great,” she said.

After the candidates in the pageant have completed all of the steps, the crowd is encouraged to donate money into a jar with the name of which candidate he or she thinks should win. The money collected goes toward the overall philanthropy.

Proceeds from Alpha Phi’s philanthropy week go toward the American Heart Association.

The pageant is just one of Alpha Phi’s events during philanthropy week.

Alpha Phi is hosting a chili feed from 5-10 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 12 at the Alpha Phi sorority house. The feed, Burgett said, typically brings in the most money out of all of the week’s events.