‘Greens and other outside Things’ gives breath of fresh air

An example of Palma’s “Greens” artwork at the exhibit displays his expertise.

Grace Foiles

Gabriel Palma, senior fine arts major, will begin displaying his senior show this week. “Greens and Other Outside Things” is the title of the exhibit.

“I centered my work around landscapes,” Palma said. “I did this because earlier on I had always struggled with making and composing the background of my other works. I wanted to show my progress with the subject.”

His work is primarily drawing- based instead of sculptural. “I worked mainly in 2D medium such as pen, pencil and paints,” Palma said. “My favorite piece is the oil on canvas painting of a sunset over an ocean aptly named ‘Rad Ballz.’ I named it this due to my friend’s irst response to seeing it. The most dificult aspect would be the fact that I worked outside for most of my works.”

Palma has plans to travel and teach English in other countries where he hopes to experience cultures outside of the USA. The exhibition will be upstairs in the John R. Adams art building for two weeks, starting Feb. 23. The building is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.