A Societal Standout: Governor Brownback

Each week, the Washburn Review will recognize an individual or individuals who have thrust themselves into the public limelight, with actions and or statements that prove worthy of editorializing. Said person has gone above and beyond to prove themself A Societal Standout. Opinions expressed below are strictly those of the author and do not reflect upon the Washburn Review or Washburn University as a whole.

Recently our dear governor bestowed upon Kansas the great gift of media attention. Remember, no press is bad press! And with the way Brownback has been generating press, he might just be on his way to a presidential election.

2/5 — Brownback makes sure to teach ‘his citizens’ that balancing a budget while continuing to give breaks to massive corporations is so necessary that we also must all share our portion of the burden. Child and adult alike must sacrifice the privilege of education so we can continue to re­ceive our great bounty from those powers that be that guide Brownback’s hand every time he signs a bill into law.

2/10 — Brownback announces to the world that his state will no longer follow the executive order, protecting LGBT state workers, because if Kansas is going to make the effort to protect certain classes against discrimination they had better damn well have a state law forcing them to do so!

Where would we all be without our great leader? Soon, we’ll have no worries left. No schools, no jobs, no hope…?