Apeiron Approaches

Washburn Review

Washburn University’s annual Apeiron is being held on Friday, April 24 this year, and is currently open for students to register until March 25. The Apeiron is an opportunity for Washburn students to enter into a professional setting and showcase their research, scholarship, creative activities and community engagement activities. These can be presented in a speech, exhibition or performance.

Depending on the field the student’s work is being showcased in, appropriate criteria will be used to judge the student’s work. General judgments will be made based on creativity and originality. The work being showcased is required to be at a more advanced level than a typical class paper or project. Students interested in showcasing their work at the Apeiron must also find a faculty member who will agree to oversee the student’s project, presentation or performance.

Activities showcased at Apeiron can also be completed as Washburn Transformational Experiences, a Washburn program that allows students to propose an idea and potentially receive funding for it.

Students interested in participating in Apeiron should visit the Apeiron registration page under the Academic Success tab on MyWashburn.