Traffic changes due to construction

With the approval of the construction contract by the Board of Regents yesterday, we will be starting construction on the new residence and dining facility on the East side of the campus.  That is going to necessitate some street closures within the campus.  In addition, there will be some parking changes as the project progresses.  The board also approved the construction of two new parking lots this summer and there will be a net gain in the number of parking spaces even as the residence hall project progresses.
Because the project is starting during spring break, we are sending this notice out today.  We will repeat this notice immediately after spring break to make sure everyone has been informed.  Again the project just received final approval yesterday so we’re putting this notice out as quickly as possible.
Please note the following changes to traffic flows on campus:
·         The parking area South of Stoffer (Lot2) will be closed, beginning upon the commencement of Spring Break. The 18th street entrance off of Washburn Avenue to the campus will also be closed.  
·         Parking lot 1 will no longer have a south entrance and will only be able to be accessed from the 17th street entrance during the approximate 16 month construction process.  Plans are underway to provide additional signage to designate all parking on the inside curve of Lot 1 as “Restricted”.    Two Accessible parking spaces will be provided in Lot 1.  
·         East bound 18th Street from within campus will dead end behind Bennett Computer Center.  North bound Mulvane will dead end just north of Parking lot H.  These closures will be in effect for the duration of the project.  Access to Parking Lot H will continue to be from Mulvane.
·         Please note that additional parking is available in the Petro and Tennis Court parking lots.
Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to build an even better Washburn campus.
Patrick M. Early, APR
Director of University Relations
Washburn University
(785) 670-1711