Local rapper readying mixtape

Following the release of his 2014 iTunes Single “Wanna Get Down”, local Topeka rapper Grizz Lee has now taken down all of his songs that were originally available for streaming on the website Soundcloud, and has started a campaign on the GoFundMe website for funding to have his tracks professionally mastered.

Mastering, in audio engineering, is a process in post-production where a final mix of a recorded song has various frequencies finely tuned to the proper levels before being made into a final product that all other copies of the tracks are made from.

While “Wanna Get Down” is still available for purchase on iTunes, Grizz Lee, alter ego Washburn student Derek Montgomery, is hoping to have more of his content released in a mixtape that will be mastered by highly esteemed audio engineering studio Sing Mastering, who has worked on tracks by artists such as Mastodon and Ludacris. Lee expressed confidence in Sing when asked about exploring other free mastering options.

“Free isn’t good. It’s $1300, and it’s the guy who mastered a 2 Chainz and Migos mixtape,” Lee said.

Lee hopes to have the mastered songs released in a compilation that has been dubbed “The Grizz Lee Mixtape”, which will be entirely free to download upon release.

Anyone interested in donating can visit www.gofundme.com/grizzlee.