Laci Green speaking on Thursday April 2nd

YouTube blogger and advocate for sex education, Laci Green, will speak on campus Thursday April 2 at 7p.m. The event is free and open to the public and will be held in Neese Gray Theatre in Garvey Fine Arts Center. It is co-hosted by the Campus Activities Board and STAND.

Green graduated from University of California Berkeley in 2011. There she studied legal studies with an emphasis in rape and sexual assault. Since then she has dedicated herself to being a catalyst for open dialogue about sexuality and works to remove the stigmas associated with sexuality. She has led peer education groups, crisis counseling and contributed to several reproductive health programs. She created her YouTube series Sex Plus as a response to what she sees as an epidemic problem across the United States – the lack of serious, open, and inclusive sex education.

“I started the project in response to what I believe to be a nationwide failure to provide comprehensive sex education and to adopt healthy, realistic attitudes about sexuality,” Green said on her website,

With over 10 years of video production experience, Green has worked for Discovery News as a host and writer for the channel’s YouTube presence. She is now the host and a writer for MTV’s first original YouTube channel, “Braless,” where Green discusses the topics of sexuality, gender, race and feminism in today’s media and pop culture.

Members of CAB and STAND are excited to host this event on campus and hope that Green will have a positive impact on the atmosphere on campus surrounding rape culture.

Damian Barron, marketing director for CAB, believes that Green has a lot to offer Washburn in terms of creating an open dialogue for discussion and improvement.

“As a feminist, I am super pumped to have her here. I think that this conversation is very necessary to have at Washburn…There’s always room for improvement and I think that Laci Green can do a lot to teach people about what consent means and what feminism means because there’s a lot of misperceptions around those issues,” Barron said.