Domestic assault, Village

Stephanie Cannon and Ryan Ogle

On the evening of Sunday, April 19, Washburn University Police responded to reports of criminal assault at Washburn Village Apartments.

The official police report lists the nature of the call as domestic battery, criminal damage/deprivation of property and criminal trespass. The incident resulted in the arrest of a suspect and was turned over to the Shawnee County District Attorney’s office once the suspect was taken into custody.

“This incident last night at the Village was an argument with a resident and a visitor and it was determined a domestic violence incident, so he was placed under arrest,” said Capt. Chris Enos of the Washburn Police Department. “He’s currently in jail and is going to be charged with several crimes, not just one. There were several things that happened during that incident. We have statements from everyone involved and he’s in jail right now, facing charges.”

Enos credits intervention on behalf of bystanders and eyewitness accounts for the suspect’s arrest.

“If you know of or if you see somebody involved in a potentially violent situation, especially a domestic violence situation, that you call the police right away so that we can intervene,” said Enos.

Due to the nature of the incident, the names of the alleged victim and suspect have been withheld.