Review: “Tomorrowland” a scattered but fun ride

“Tomorrowland” is critically acclaimed director Brad Bird’s sci-fi adventure movie inspired by one of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions.

Casey, an optimistic science enthusiast with big dreams for discovery and adventure, discovers a mysterious pin which when touched allows her to transport to the fantastical utopia known as Tomorrowland.

The casting in this movie is fantastic. Britt Robertson (Casey Newton), Affey Cassidy (Athena) and Hugh Laurie (David Nix) each gives marvelous performances, but George Clooney (Frank Walker) gets the MVP award here. This was a type of character we’re not used to seeing him play, and I was worried that his career was getting repetitive, but his performance as the disillusioned, reclusive inventor was a breath of fresh air. Relative newcomers Robertson and Cassidy will no doubt have a stack of job offers waiting in the their near futures.

The first two acts of this movie were funny, thrilling and kept my mind racing trying to figure out where all of the action was headed. I really was invested in this story and its characters. While the plot as a whole was exciting and action-packed, the script was tinged with this quality of childlike wonder that truly moved me, and that’s why it felt like such an original screenplay.

However, the third act completely derailed the experience for me. When the big villain was revealed and the climax of the movie came, suddenly the melodrama and character cliches were laid on so thickly. None of the themes or ideas that the movie introduces really delivered or were fully explored and we’re left hanging thinking “That’s it?”

By far the strongest aspect of this movie was Bird’s amazing direction and stunning special effects. As he’s proven with past films “The Iron Giant,” “The Incredibles” and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” this man knows how to direct a high action, visually dazzling movie.

“Tomorrowland” was without a doubt visually dazzling, well-acted and expertly directed. However, the script lost its footing in the final twenty minutes and completely failed to deliver satisfying answers to the overall mystery that weren’t predictable or just plain cheesy.

This movie was fun, take your kids to go see it. It’s a blast for adults, too, but it’s going to leave you wanting.

Verdict: 3/5 stars