Boom Comics hosts Force of Will card game tournament

A new card game, “Force of Will,” has been gaining popularity within the card-playing community. In response, on June 6 Boom Comics, located at 2025 SW Gage Blvd., will host a free interactive demonstration before inviting players to win prizes in a structured tournament.

“Force of Will,” named for its use of energy called “will” to control the creatures in the game, was created May 22, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan and was released in the United States on Feb. 13, 2015.

With a burgeoning fanbase, new players can build their collections alongside more experienced card players. 

“‘Force of Will’ is cheap enough to play on a small budget, and Boom Comics can offer a safe and fun environment to play it in,” said John Cutchins, the tournament organizer for FOW at Boom Comics.

For veteran card players, the game includes new rulesets that differ from other card games. The first is the game’s use of a “controller.” This card is able to produce energy and use abilities, such as drawing cards or casting spells.

Another difference is the use of two decks instead of one. The mana deck allows players to receive energy each turn, and the creature deck allows players to draw a new creature each turn.

“‘Force of Will’ takes out the possibility of not getting enough mana, and you’re not left up to the same surprise you are given in ‘Magic: The Gathering,’” said Jordan Cook, another employee at Boom Comics.

At less of a cost than “Magic: The Gathering,” Cutchins also believes that the game will be more accessible to beginners.

“This game is quite a bit cheaper than ‘Magic: The Gathering,’ and I think that if people wanted to start playing card games, this would be the way to do it,” Cutchins said.

Boom Comics allows players to participate in a tournament for $5. Players are expected to bring their own decks to play during the tournament.

If the weekly following becomes strong enough, Cutchins plans to host regular meetings and tournaments. He also hopes to expand in-store gameplay to other Boom Comics locations with the ultimate goal of hosting regional tournaments.

Boom Comics will be holding its first demonstration at noon on June 6. The demonstration will be followed by a tournament, which will be held at 4 p.m. The top half of participants will receive prize card packs.

For more information, call Boom Comics at 785-430-5185.