Review: ‘Inside Out’ is great for adults and children equally

Lisa Herdman

“Inside Out” is a hilarious and beautiful movie about what really goes on within everyone’s heads.

In the movie, emotions take human form and try to work together to make us feel the way they think is appropriate. Riley, a 12-year-old girl, is trying to make it through her family’s move to San Francisco, but how will she react to so many changes? More importantly, how will the people in her head react?

This is a movie that is great for both adults and children alike. It has a sense of adventure with funny and interesting characters, but the humor is more plainly aimed at the adults.

With remarks made about how the characters inside the husbands’ head were watching a football game instead of listening to the wife or that inside of a teacher’s head the emotions were really just as bored as the students she’s teaching, it made the story relatable and funny to watch unfold.

The characters were really believable, portraying the obvious emotions felt by a child when they are plucked up out of their hometown to go live in a new one. Riley was developed enough in the story to get a real connection to her and even get the audience emotional.

The movie was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t like that the movie started off happy and then only got sadder and sadder as time went on. It was emotionally exhausting for me, but did drive home the connection I felt toward the characters.

I was pleased to see that the writers worked really hard on the characters inside of Riley’s head. Even though the main focus was on what was taking place in Riley’s mind, the occurrences happening outside her body made the story really work.

The character development was a little low outside of the characters in Riley’s head. I was hoping to see a little bit more of the characters outside Riley’s head interacting, but the focus turned to only two or three of them. Although, those three were very well defined and relatable.

My favorite parts of the movie were looking into other people’s heads and seeing just how different each person’s emotions might be, including animals. It was a very fun ride and a very clever idea for a movie. The producers took a good idea and did a great job executing it.

Overall,I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It is a great movie to bring children to and still have a great time picking up the hilarious references the movie is willing to share.