Summer temperatures climb on campus

Grace Foiles

With the humidity levels rising and temperatures averaging in the mid 90s, this week on campus it’s clear that summer is in full swing.

Matt Miller, chief meteorologist for KSNT News, gave his thoughts on the recent weather.

“The summer as a whole wasn’t all that hot until more recently,” Miller said. “June came in 2.8 degrees above average and July is 2.2 degrees below average so far. That might seem surprising, but we haven’t even hit 100 degrees yet in Topeka as of July 15. The real problem has been the high humidity after the very wet spring across all of the Plains. On July 13, we set an all-time record highest humidity in Topeka with a dew point of 82 degrees. That’s incredibly muggy.”

The heat will most likely continue through July.

“It’s always difficult to tell when the first strong cold front of the late summer or fall will arrive, but there are areas up north that are still well below average,” Miller said. “I doubt this summer heat will last too deep into August this year. Most years we start cooling off by mid-August and this year has early indications that should be the case once again.”

To stay safe in the summer months, Miller advised Topekans to be aware of what their body tells them.

“Safety in summer heat is completely centered around rest and hydration,” Miller said. “You can handle the hottest of our weather if you are properly hydrated and avoid over-exerting yourself. Just use common sense and read the signs of your body. If you are feeling drained, slow down.”

Miller also offered two simple cost-saving tips for the summer heat.

“First, if you have a home with a basement, close the door to the basement all summer to avoid the cool air from sinking downstairs any more than it already does,” Miller said. “That will keep the cooler air upstairs more easily. Second, don’t turn your air conditioner off and open the windows if it is cool, but still humid. The a/c will have to run twice as hard to cool and rid the house of humidity to cool down. Just turn up the thermostat a little warmer if you want to save some money, but don’t let the high humidity make its way inside.”

So make sure to stay safe, hydrated and cool this summer, and enjoy the sunny days ahead.