Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘old but not obsolete’ in ‘Terminator Genisys’

Derek Richardson

“Terminator Genisys” is the latest movie in a year that has been full of remakes/reboots/sequels.

Although this review is a little over a week after the release, according to the box office, most of you haven’t seen it yet. Its opening weekend garnered only 27 million dollars, which put it in third place behind “Inside Out” and “Jurassic World”; both of which are in their third and fourth weeks, respectively.

That isn’t to say “Genisys” wasn’t a good movie; it was rather enjoyable. Like “Jurassic World,” a lot of the movie plays on nostalgia for the original film. So, if you loved the original two movies, you should at least enjoy this movie.

“Genisys” is the fifth film in the franchise. It starts off in 2029 when John Connor, played by Jason Clarke, sends Kyle Reese, played by Jai Courtney, back in time to protect Sarah Connor, John’s mother, played by Emilia Clarke, from being killed before John is born. As Reese was being transported back, something unexpected happens, and everything changes.

If you’ve watch any of the trailers, you’ll know that something happened to change the past dramatically. If you haven’t seen any of the movie trailers, don’t watch them. They give away much of the movie, including a major plot twist.

The acting overall is alright. I felt that some of the character development could have been a little better. Sarah is supposed to fall in love with Reese, but as the movie went on, their relationship felt more and more forced, but it doesn’t ruin the story.

The special effects were fantastic, but the action sequences were a little much. While you might enjoy the movie, you’ll forget most, if not all of the action. The sequences don’t give the audience enough time to digest what is going on. You’ll see something, and it’ll quickly move onto the next scene.

Regardless, the real star of the show was Arnold Schwarzenegger as a reprogrammed T-800 sent back in time by an unknown agent to protect Sarah as a little girl before Reese was sent back to protect her as a young woman.

You learn quickly that the human flesh on the T-800s age just like any other living tissue, so it looks old, just like the real Schwarzenegger.

The T-800 uses a line multiple times in the movie that I feel is a phrase for Schwarzenegger’s career: old, but not obsolete. That is certainly true for his acting in this film, and others that have starred him since the end of his political career.

The movie goes great lengths to have the T-800 flight what seems like every terminator model that the franchise has put out, including the new one in this film, the T-3000. Each time, the T-800 kicks butt.

Schwarzenegger is the only fantastic thing in this movie. Other things are Ok, but not great. Either way, it is worth seeing. Just don’t see it on premium formats like 3D or IMAX.

“Genisys” starts the “Terminator” franchise down a new path. Expect two more films in 2017 and 2018 as part of a stand-alone trilogy. Hopefully they do a better job than this film.

I’d give Genisys a 3/5.