KTWU Washburn Vespers program awarded first place by Kansas Association of Broadcasters

KTWU, local public television, has received a First Place award from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for the program, WASHBURN UNIVERSITY HOLIDAY VESPERS (2014).

KTWU’s production of the 150th Washburn University anniversary Vespers concert was awarded the honor in the Special Program category. Noted for their participation in the program’s production are Eugene Williams, KTWU General Manager; Jim Kelly, Director; Kevin Goodman, Producer; Wanda Hinton, Producer; and Jared Gregg, Producer.

The Washburn University Department of Music presented the annual Holiday Vespers concert under the direction of Ann Marie Snook, chairwoman of the Washburn University music department; Kevin Kellim, director of the Washburn University choir and singers; and Christopher Kelts, director of the Washburn University orchestra.

The Washburn University Foundation was the underwriter for the production of the television program.

The Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) sponsors Excellence in Broadcasting awards for member radio and television stations, student broadcast awards for high school and college students, and individual awards. The mission of the KAB emphasizes efficient communication and effective recruiting, education and training for Kansas broadcasters, and to promote free over-the-air broadcasting for the purpose of enhancing the success of Kansas broadcasters and helping them better serve the people of Kansas.

About KTWU

Celebrating 50 years of local public television in 2015, KTWU broadcasts can be seen in eastern Kansas and portions of Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma. Through over-the-air broadcast and carriage on cable and satellite companies, KTWU reaches approximately 1.6 million viewers. KTWU offers five digital destinations for unique content: KTWU (PBS) in High Definition on Channel 11.1; KTWU/MHz Worldview on Channel 11.2; KTWU ENHANCE on Channel 11.3; ktwu.org, online; and KTWU MOBILE TV. KTWU is licensed to Washburn University and was the first public television station in the state of Kansas. The television studio for media production and station offices are located on the Washburn campus in Topeka, Kansas. For more information on KTWU, visit the online site at ktwu.org.