Preventing the freshman 15

Damion Butler

If you have trouble figuring out the right workout, we have the workout of the week that will stimulate your workout regimen.

Exercising can be challenging when you don’t have a partner or set of goals that are designed to take your training to the next level. We have weekly exercises for the beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser.

When you enter the gym, don’t be the person to look around and watch others, be the person that dominates the workout. Even if you don’t exercise every day, it’s essential to exercise at least three days a week to reduce several health issues. These issues include diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few.

“It’s important to exercise three to five days a week, which helps prevent muscular injuries, increase cardiovascular strength and endurance to feel healthier,” said Steve Ice, head athletic trainer at Washburn University.

There are three types of results people want to achieve when working out; tone up, lose weight or build muscle.

If you desire to lose weight you must “eat less red meats (pork and beef) and eat more white meats (chicken and fish), drink lots of water ( gallon per day) and less sugary drinks, such as orange juice which you should limit to 8oz a day,” said Ice.

To tone up you should do more repetitions with less weight and more sets to focus on exhausting the muscles to 30-60 percent of your body max, which exhausts your muscles under sustainable weight.

“It’s not about what exercise you do, it’s the amount of resistance your muscles are enduring,” said Ice.

If you chose to build muscle you must do 90 percent of your max, more sets and less repetitions under heaver weight to increase strength and size to muscle.

1RM= weight x percentage

225 X 0.9/90%= 200lbs

225 X .06/60%= 135lbs

Tone Day Monday

Bench press 4 x 12

Dumbbell curls 4 X 12

DB Shurgs 4 x 12

Later Raises 3 x 10

Frontal Raises 3 x 10

300 Abs

100 crunches100 sit ups50 left over right/ 50 right over left

20min of cardio treadmill/elliptical/ jogging/ walking

Build up Tuesday

Squat- 3 X 6

Dumbbell step ups 3 x 6

Calf raises 3 x 50

Box Jump W Dumbbell 3 x 6

2 x 2min abs

Suicides 2 sets

Check Online for exercise videos!