Rainy summer impedes progress

Grace Foiles

Several buildings on the Washburn University campus spent the summer under construction.

“Morgan Hall, I think the total length of time for the project was about 18 months,” said Patrick Early, director of university relations. “They are in the final stages of getting things finished up, they are going through what, in industry terms, is called the punch list. It’s where you go through and find all the little things that need tweaking.

Early stated that they expect the Morgan project to be completely finished by homecoming in October. It is not likely that any class locations will change with the completion of the project.

The KBI building, which has been in development for just under two years, will have its grand opening Monday Nov. 2.

“It is an expansion of the forensics science program. We will have a much newer facility, so that they will be able to work in the same research facilities that the working professionals are,” Early said. “One of the reasons that we were anxious and excited about the co-location is there’s been a shortage of specialists in those fields, so KBI is very much looking to hire our students and we’re very much looking for them to do that.”

The new residence hall construction is underway as well, but the schedule has suffered somewhat due to weather related issues. It is scheduled to go into service for the next academic year.

The board of regents has also begun discussing the construction of a field house on campus with indoor practice facilities. All of the construction projects that the university hopes to implement have been outlined in a “master plan,” which includes potential additions to the library and welcome center as well as an addition to White Concert Hall.