Students only have positive feedback for Herbster

Do the math: Professor Stephanie Herbster’s students recommend taking a class with her. She has been described as helpful, friendly and good at giving explanations.

Sambridhi Regmi with assistance Abbie Barth

Professor Stephanie Herbster has been working in the mathematics department for 6 years at Washburn, and she has been in this profession for 11 years.

She taught high school math prior to teaching at Washburn University.

Herbster completed her undergrad studies at Washburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2007, and she received her graduate degree from Emporia State University in 2009 for a Master of Science.

“[I came] back to Washburn because I did not want to leave Topeka and wanted to be with my family. And since I went to school here, I knew some of the faculty already, and I really liked them so I thought it would be fun to work with them,” said Herbster.

Herbster currently teaches College Algebra (MA 116) and Applied Calculus (MA 141). This summer, she will teach a Preparation for College Algebra course.

“The thing I love about teaching is I get to help people understand what they find difficult and see that they can accomplish things if they try and put effort into it. The way they succeed at the end makes me feel happy as the efforts shows up,” said Herbster.

Outside of the classroom, Herbster loves to spend time with friends and family as well as her dog. She also enjoys playing and watching sports, specifically volleyball.

Prithvi Jung Kunwar, sophomore political science and business major, has taken both College Algebra and Applied Calculus with Herbster.

“She always kept her class as the first priority and was dedicated towards what she was teaching,” said Kunwar. “I had some difficulties with calculus, but I got to learn more about it, and Herbster helped me a lot with it.” 

Kunwar recommends to his peers that they take math classes with Herbster.

“I would love to take more classes with her and even recommend students to take her classes; she is really helpful and loves all the students,” said Kunwar.

Maria Laura Rivas Wright, sophomore finance and economics major, took applied calculus with Herbster last year.

“Herbster is a one of a kind of teacher who really cares about the student’s success, and she actually helped me a lot when I was struggling in that class,” said Wright.

Wright added that the class atmosphere contributed to her positive experience.

“She was really confident in her teaching and always answered the questions if anyone had a problem,” said Wright. “I remember she used to play music sometimes in the class while we were solving questions, which I felt was really cool.”

Edited by Adam White, Hannah Alleyne, Diana Martinez-Ponce