Soccer team plays to yet another tie in double overtime

Dylan McManis

Last Wednesday, the Washburn Ichabods soccer team was shut out at a tie in double overtime for the second time this season.

Placing their record at 0-1-2, the Washburn soccer team tied with Rockhurst. Meaning that the teams went scoreless for almost two full hours.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the game wasn’t eventful. Against Rockhurst, the soccer team faced a heavy offense. 

In the first half, Rockhurst out-paced the Ichabods with 23 shots on goal to Washburn’s 8; almost tripling Washburn’s offense.

Despite the heavy counter-attacks from Rockhurst, the game still turned out scoreless.

Kaitlin Minnich, the team’s goalie, remained scoreless yet again, defending the goal and preventing Rockhurst from scoring.

Minnich was named Hyvee Player of the Week after recording eight saves in the match, with an additional three in the second overtime period.

Having to play a defensive game is never easy, especially when you are trying to score, but the Washburn defense did their best while making sure that the team’s forwards could still get a chance at Rockhurst’s net.

The three major shooters for Washburn this game were the forward, #12 Paige Swanson, and the two midfielders, #18 Emily Stauffer and #19 Morgan El-Attrache, with each of them having two shots each.

The Ichabods next game will be Sept. 16, here at Yager stadium against the Newman University Jets.

MIAA tournament play will begin Sept. 18 against the Emporia State Hornets here at Washburn.