Students respond to fraternity suspension

Olivia Marchall

Washburn University has signed a new 10-year contract with Chartwells. Washburn has been contracted with Chartwells since July 2006.

Washburn recently worked with Chartwells to develop a plan to add additional housing and dining on campus to accommodate the new dormitory. The facility will include a 300- seat cafeteria.

The majority of people with meal plans are students who live on campus. Those in the Living Learning Center are required to purchase at least the standard meal plan offered.

Several students expressed their feelings about the Chartwells dining options.

Cory Hamilton, a senior criminal justice major, has seen the changes Chartwells has implemented over the past few years, such as limits to customization.

“The problem with it is, you used to be able to go in and make your own sandwich … There’s only so many options … I can go to Subway and get the same thing for half the price,” Hamilton said.

Zachary Hampton, a freshman business major, said the food in the cafeteria got old after the first week.

“I’m already under $200 of where you’re supposed to be. [Chartwell’s] is really expensive,” Hampton said.

Adam Cordova, director of Dining Services, believes Chartwells provides best in class service and that the partnership between the university and Chartwells has been mutually beneficial.

“Our strategic partnership with Washburn University is extremely important. We are continuing to develop aggressive plans that will provide the University with the highest quality, innovation and value in dining service. Chartwells has committed to future facility and equipment enhancements as well as annual scholarship contributions for both campuses,” Cordova said.

Chartwells will serve Washburn for the next decade. Concerned students are encouraged to reach out to the Washburn Student Government Association or Dining Services if there is a need that can be served by either department.

For more information about Washburn Dining Services, e-mail adam.cordova@washburn. edu