Movie Review: “The Visit” is a trip gone bad

Lisa Herdman

“The Visit” made a trip to grandmother’s house uncomfortable, nauseating and unbearable.

When Rebecca and Tyler, two young siblings, prepare for a week-long trip to their grandparents’ house for the first time, they have no idea what is in store for them. Their mother, who hasn’t seen her parents in years due to unstated circumstances, is taking a trip with a new boyfriend and will be out of reach.

When the children arrive, they start to slowly start to register their estranged grandparents’ strange, unsettling behavior. Rebecca insists on making a movie of this sentimental first meeting and ends up getting some horrifying occurrences on tape.

This movie is fully “recorded” by Rebecca and Tyler, making it yet another found-footage film. The moment the interview with the children’s mother came on I was deflated.

The shaky movements and clipped fragments of recording made the movie hard to watch. Other horror movies, such as “The Blair Witch Project,” make the video recording add to the ambiance to the film.

Running through a forest with a camera while being chased worked in other movies, but it did not add anything riveting to this one. The only scene that could give this any kind of redemption was a five minute chase scene under the deck, where their grandmother is chasing them in a grudge-like sort of manner.

Although this movie is called a comedy horror movie, I kinda wanted to leave rather than laugh in the theater. The humor was sickening, including raunchy, cringe-worthy toilet humor from Tyler and a bunch of look-how-stupid-kids-are-these-days jokes.

This is what tore the movie to shreds for me. Take a horror movie, some of the worst humor you have ever heard, bratty kids and some random, horrifying scenes having to do with adult diapers, and you have this movie. In many scenes the boy tried to rap, and horrendously, at that. I’m not sure if this was supposed to make me smile or something, but it was just irritating.

I was hoping for a slowly escalating horror film, where maybe the kids started to realize the danger they were in at this remote house in the woods. The desolate area could have made for the children realizing the horror and running outside to the woods to find the neighbors, maybe even to find the neighbors dead or something, but we got none of this.

One scene that did work well for me was one where the kids were made to play a game just after they figure out they need to get out of there. It was pretty intense, and the situation was played out well as the girl excuses herself to charge her camera but instead ends up wandering in the basement to find some horrifying discoveries. The weight of their discovery is what made the last 30 minutes of the movie what the rest of the movie should have been—exhilarating.

Overall, this is not a movie for anyone that enjoys a thrilling plot and some well timed gore in a horror movie. It was all over the place and dropped the ball.