Zombies to shamble into downtown Topeka

Hallee Haar Washburn Review

The second annual Zombie Walk will be held Sept. 26 in order to raise proceeds for “Let’s Help Topeka,” at the Celtic Fox in Topeka.

September 26 will hold the second annual zombie walk in order to raise proceeds for “Let’s Help Topeka,” registration for the event will start at 4 PM and the event itself will start at 6 PM.

This event will be held at Celtic Fox Downtown Topeka. It is open to everyone who wants to attend.

Lets Help Topeka is a nonprofit organization that is set in helping those in the community that need it and encouraging self-sufficiency. It offers food to the hungry, hygiene kits, clothes and medical assistance. It also offers educational programs on fundamental disorders, mostly centering around communication.  

Registration is $5 or five cans of food to help feed the hungry in Topeka. Monetary and canned goods donations are excepted, with a minimum of a $5 fee for participation in the event. All ages may attend the event and can bring fake weapons. No real weapons will be permitted.

This event will hold more than just a walk to race against evil zombies that are trying to eat the walkers’ brains. There will also be a street dance.

The Zombie Walk will also contain several other activities, all of which, except the street dance, will be left a surprise to the attendees until they get to he event.

Since this is only the second year that the event has been held, there is little community knowledge on it; however, many Washburn students seemed excited about the idea of a Zombie Walk.

Kolin Kloembucher, a senior biology major, said, “I would definitely go to it…it sounds like a real fun event.”

Even those who had never heard of it seemed excited at the prospect of a zombie walk. Gabriela Stacy, a undeclared freshman, said, “It sounds good, I hope people attend.”

While the students seem to be excited by the idea, the lack of knowledge most students have on the event seems to be the biggest obstacle. Most students had not heard of the event, and many that want to go cannot due to scheduling conflicts.

Registration for the Zombie Walk will begin at 4 p.m. and event activities will begin at 6 p.m.