Farewell to Dr. Margret Wood

Dr. Wood launched Washburn University’s Center for Teaching Excellence in Learning (C-TEL).  In just 21 months she created a wide variety of initiatives including learning circles, guest speakers, active classrooms and mentoring programs to name but a few.  Furthermore, she has helped establish the four pillars of C-TEL (assessment, community engagement, diversity, and technology) as essential elements for excellence in teaching at Washburn.

Dr. Wood has accepted a position at the University of Colorado, Denver starting January 1, 2016.  Margaret’s primary duty will be serving as Director of UC-Denver’s Faculty Development Center with the possibility of some additional teaching activities in Anthropology.

She has also served Washburn in many other important capacities including teaching in our Sociology/Anthropology Department, leading our Quality Assurance Working Group (QAWG) efforts, and working with individuals in Kansas on important anthropology projects.