Tennis hosts alumni matches


The Washburn tennis teams added some wins at their annual alumni matches this weekend.

The matches were held at the Washburn Tennis Complex on Sept. 26 against the alumni with the current teams in their schedule.

“The alumni match was a great preparation match for this upcoming weekend’s ITA tennis regional, especially for the freshman,” said sophomore Blake Hunter.

Many things going into to the preparation tennis players partake in pre-tournaments. Hunter revealed how he prepares for his matches.

“I prepare myself for a match by eating/drinking right a week in advance and mentally simulating my match before it happens,” Hunter said.

The men’s team won 5-4 over the matches.

Freshman Brett White and sophomore Trey Horton won in doubles at the No. 3 spot.

Freshman Alejandro Valarezo Plaza and Hunter couldn’t catch the win at No. 1, while junior Matt Barlow and freshman Zach Hampton lost at No. 2 at 9-8 and 7-5 during a tie breaker.

Women’s teams only had doubles participating, winning 2-1.

Senior Jodie Blackim and freshman Ally Burr won 9-7.

Senior Gwen Shepler and sophomore Maggie Plum lost 9-8 and fell again at the tie breaker, 7-5.

Freshman ladies MaKenna Gonzales and Laura Shkembi wont their match at 8-3.

When head coach Lance Lysaught was asked how the two teams have improved over the past few tournaments, he had nothing but positive aspects to point out.

Lysaught cited their previous sweep agianst William Jewell.

“Our Men’s and Women’s teams have seen quite a change with many new freshman players joining the squads. We had some strong results in the two opening fall tournaments and had a great duel on both sides against William Jewell going 18-0 in those matches,” Lance Lysaught said.

“I am pleased with the focus and intensity of our practices and the dynamics are solid with our players pushing each other to improve daily.

“The ITA regional is next and we hope to have some positive results from all of our hard work,” Lysaught said.

The ITA Tennis Central Regional Tournament will be Oct. 2 through Oct. 3 in Springfield, Mo. at the Cooper Tennis Complex.