Carole Chapel offers students a ‘Spiritual Pause’

Troy Russell

Carole Chapel is currently taking on more use as of this past Aug. 19 with the addition of Spiritual Pause, a worship service for the Washburn community.

This service is co-sponsored by Ichtus Campus Ministry and University United Methodist Church, and is scheduled for Wednesdays between noon and 12:30 p.m. Spiritual Pause will only be ongoing when school is in session with the exception of finals week.

Talk began in June 2015, as Jay Henderson, campus minister, had a calling to put Carole Chapel to more use.

“A year ago I came here and I went into the chapel and I thought, wow here sits this beautiful, peaceful chapel in the middle of campus and its not being used much,” Henderson said.

The idea started as a way to give students who commute to campus an opportunity to be involved in a worship service without the inconvenience of having to make a second trip back to campus in the evening when other faith based events and meetings are scheduled.

Henderson said during the day there is an influx of students.

“It’s short and people can come in the midst of their day and schedule,” Henderson said.

It tentatively includes two songs, a scripture, a prayer and a 10 minute spiritual message from a visiting pastor of one of the various Christian churches around Topeka. For those who may not follow Christianity, there will be a section in the back of the chapel where brochures from all of the different religious based organizations on campus can be obtained.

Henderson said, “We want to be clear with people so they weren’t surprised when they came, and thought it was some kind of all faith or interfaith thing. It is Christian in its nature.”

Those involved with this service are open to the possibility of extending beyond Christianity for worship services, but it will start with Christian doctrine.

Grace Hildenbrand, a musician for Spiritual Pause and Washburn faculty member, said, “I’d recommend giving it a try, it’s just a time to get your mind on something else, reflect, not think about school, pause and engage in fellowship with other students in the middle of the week.”

In addition, Hildenbrand said, “If we can find anyone who can play the piano and would like to get involved, that would be great.”

For additional information, students can contact Henderson at [email protected] or by phone at (785) 235-2331.