Horoscopes (Tuesday Sept. 1- Monday Sept. 7)

What’s in the stars for Ichabod’s this week


Aries- You’ve stacked quite a bit on your plate so far, Aries. You may feel you have room for more activity, but be cautious. Take a moment to take stock of what is going on in your life before adding more.

Taurus- Make time for yourself this week, Taurus. Classes, homework, and especially people can all be confusing during this time, and it may throw you off your game. It may be best to let your creativity flow naturally, without any eyes watching.

Gemini- Are you feeling it’s time for a change, Gemini? Though you may not go as far as changing your major, you may feel pulled between two or more options. Take a moment to listen to what you think in your head and in your heart.

Cancer- You have some big ideas swirling in your head, Cancer. Though these may seem exciting, make sure you have all the logistics planned out before you jump onto your idea. The old adage of looking before you leap applies to you this week.

Leo- There are so many wonderful things in the world, Leo, and you’ve just got to have them all. Be wary, however, that your eyes aren’t bigger than your wallet. Learn to manage your money. After all, it’s the start of the semester, and it’s better to have textbooks than a new phone… right Leo?

Virgo- Keep your spirits up, Virgo. There are many things that are trying to push you down this week, and it’s up to you to push right back! Be careful you don’t take this to the extreme however, as it can cause adverse consequences.

Libra- You’ve stretched yourself a little thin, don’t you think Libra? It’s time to step back and focus on the areas of your life that seem lacking. Don’t worry about others during this time, it’s time to recuperate.

Scorpio- Privacy is everything to you, Scorpio. With the hustle and bustle of the new school year, it can be easy to let something slip. Take extra measure that you don’t tell the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Sagittarius- Take a stand for your boundaries, Sagittarius. You may feel yourself bending over backwards to reach the demands life makes, but you need to resist them. You may find yourself very unhappy if you do not. Listen to your instincts, they’ll tell you what to do.

Capricorn- A new activity may be on the horizon, Capricorn. Take caution, however, to make sure it can fit into your already packed schedule. Get all the facts before you make any big decisions.

Aquarius- Money is slim right now, Aquarius. Be sure you know where your money is going. If it’s for books, make sure you need them before you buy them. There’s nothing worse than buying a book you don’t need!

Pisces- Feeling a little lost, Pisces? It’s hard to make sense of your own identity with school starting at a fast pace. Take a moment to deal with what you are feeling, and learn from it. The better you understand yourself, the harder you can work towards your goals.