2020-2021 WSGA President Smith and Vice President Campa

kelan chapagain

Prior to spring break, WSGA held the election for their new president, vice-president and senators. Victoria Smith and Mayela Campa won as the new president and vice president respectively. 

The other running pair was Prithvi Raj Kunwar and Eliana Pendergrass.

“I felt so incredibly blessed after finding out that I won President. We ran a tough campaign and, faced adversity through it all,” said Smith.

She said that they both came stronger through it. They are both excited to work for the students.

”We ran a tough campaign and faced adversity through it all. As of now, I am taking questions from students and their concerns, so I can take them to administrators and get answers,” said Campa.

There were almost 20 students running for the senator positions including the former president of WSGA himself.

”I’m excited to be in the voting side of senate as people can hear me differently,” said Michael Guerrero.

Guerrero is always excited to be a part of something huge on campus.

Edited by Adam White,