‘Death Becomes Her’ sets up epic storyline

Lou Collobert, Freelancer

The shadows can hide many things, including monsters from myth and legends. Over the past thousand years there has been an effort to keep vampires and were-creatures away from normal humans. But now with a vicious strike this unknown world has started to unravel and the forces of the forsaken are pressing at the verge of coming out to control the world. The Patriarch of all vampires Nacht woke from his decades long nap. But the patriarch is tired of the struggle and wants to find someone to take over. But with his sense of iron plated sense honor can he find someone who can take over? Who must deal with the factions of the unknown world, keep humanity in the dark and be responsible enough to run things but honorable enough not to try and rule humanity.

And who does he find? A foul-mouthed, highly intelligent, fashionable and kick ass young woman who is dying from an unknown and incurable blood disorder. Is it incurable or will the cure maybe be more painful than dying? Will Bethany Anne Reynolds rise above the pain, master new abilities, reign in the fortune left to her and rise to become the queen of the UnKnownWorld?        

“Death Becomes Her” is the first book in “The Kurtherian Gambit” series by Michael Anderle. The series runs to 21 books in the main story line and has split off into many other story lines in other books. This book starts a very dynamic and new world while staying in the familiar real world that we all know, however this book is more of a setup book. “Death Becomes Her” sets the world up and introduces most of the characters. It can bit slow at times, but is well worth the read. 

When I finished reading the book I was left with a sense of, “Where is the rest of it?” This book is a great startup but when it ends you are left feeling incomplete. It feels like you have the first four pages of a six-page report.  There are some writing errors in the book but as a first book from a new author they are not to glaring. It also feels rushed in some places. 

This book is an easy read and is one of the self-published books on Amazon so if you have an Amazon Prime you can read it for bit. Many of these books possess a pulp fiction feel, or as was said many years ago a “dime-store novel.” With the low page count it is a quick read and is well worth the time, though.   

The virtues are its negatives as well. The author tries to have a new book out every few weeks to keep up sales and readership through Amazon. So, while new parts of the story are always coming out, there is little time for editing, and the segments are always short. 

Edited by Adam White