Effective time management

Hallee Haar

A big part of college for many is getting involved with student activities, whether it be Greek Life, clubs or a job. How many extracurriculars are too many, though?
All throughout Washburn, booths have been set up encouraging students to join various programs. Teachers speak highly of how getting involved raises grades and is healthy for students. Some students, especially those who are far from home, find being involved in something bigger than themselves is a great comfort.
While getting involved is great, students run the risk of being too involved.
Being too involved means having activities that get in the way of finishing assignments. It also means having to stay up all night to do homework, because every moment outside of class you are running around doing activities. That being said, there is nothing wrong with being involved with multiple activities.
In order to avoid the monster that is over scheduling, it is helpful to keep a schedule with you. This schedule should include classes as well as all other activities. If signing up for one activity will get in the way of something on your schedule that you have already planned, then it is best not to sign up for another activity.
It is also important to keep in mind how busy classes will keep you. Not all classes have piles of homework, but some do. Never rely on a teacher not giving homework, in order to fit everything into your schedule. 
Also, try to keep in mind what you are signing up for. Will it require more time than just meetings/specific events? Is it something that you are interested in? How will it fit into the rest of your schedule?
The most important thing to remember is that classes come before everything else. There is nothing wrong with being involved, but make sure that you are careful about how much you do. Enjoy your year Bods!