Advisors provide tips for spring semester

Chadd Clubine

Students and advisors are gearing up for advanced registration in November. First, though, students must set up an appointment with their advisor. Advisors meet with students to help plan courses for their next semester, keep the student on track to graduate and give them access to their PIN for enrollment.

Students already enrolled this fall have the ability to register in advance for the next semester. Advanced registration will open from Nov. 2 through Nov. 11. The following day, Nov. 12, will consist of open registration for current and returning students who are wanting to enroll for the next semester. Enrollment for classes will end on Feb. 1, but it’s highly recommended to register in advance.

To aid students fulfill their ambitions of graduating, advisors step in to make sure their students on the right track. Washburn currently has a more than reliable team of advisors eager to help.

Jeannie Cornelius, an academic advisor at Washburn, helped provide more information about the advising process.

“Advisors are a good source of information at any time,” Cornelius said. “Ideally, each student would develop a mentee/mentor relationship with their academic advisor, and consider this person as their go-to for information on majors, degree requirements, course planning, campus resources and general academic success strategies.”

Cornelius added that a meeting with an academic advisor is required to enroll for the spring.

“Students should make arrangements to meet with their advisor well ahead of advance registration dates. Spring advance registration is early to mid-November, summer/fall advance registration is early to mid-April,” Cornelius explained.

She also wanted to remind students that there will be a Registration Celebration on Nov. 12 for the students who have been enrolled by this date. There will be more information about this event announced later.

For students who have not yet declared a major at Washburn, Cornelius strongly encouraged them to visit the Office of Academic Advising in Mabee 201.

“Each student is assigned an academic advisor to work one-on-one, exploring educational and career goals,” Cornelius said. “Advisors provide information about majors and degree options, general education and university requirements, and help choose courses that lead to timely completion of a Washburn degree.”

Advisors don’t just assist with planning out a student’s future. They help make sure that you’re taking the right classes for next semester, give an overall tour of how to earn your degree and help you to become more prepared for your future classes. When it comes to general education courses, you want to make sure that you’re investing your time and money into the right ones.

The best way to schedule an appointment with an advisor is to call first. If you call, you can make an appointment over the phone or they might ask you to go online to their online calendar. Advisors will have links available for students to make a future appointment.

At Washburn University, advisors help college students by making sure they’re graduating by a certain time. Each academic department has their own set of advisors. Depending on how large that department can be, it can also depend how many advisors are available for that department. If you are wanting to schedule an appointment, most advisors will require you to access their online calendar and mark when you will like to set the appointment. This type of scheduling is easy and quick to access, especially on the hectic time schedule for college students.