Students win big at Trivia and Wings event

Brenden Williams

Thursday Oct. 8 Washburn University’s Campus Activities Board hosted a Trivia and Wings event where students competed for prizes and snacked on hot wings.

“Compete with your friends in trivia while enjoying fresh, hot wings. C’mon, why wouldn’t you go?” was the event reminder and description on CAB’s Facebook page. At 7 p.m. on Thursday, students gathered in the Memorial Union to answer questions about Washburn’s history, competing for gift cards to of restaurants and amounts, such as a $10 Subway gift card.

Teams were divided up depending on tables and each team was given a chance to answer questions and rack up points. They were asked questions about Washburn’s history that increased in difficulty as the game went on, ranging from easy questions such as “When was Washburn founded?” to “What was the homecoming theme in the year 1970?” Some questions even pertained to sports like “What was the football team’s record in 2014?”

Chris Gomez, freshman, attended the event, and although he did not try the wings, he had a fun time competing.

“It was pretty fun. I was kind of disappointed because some of the questions weren’t like history, they all pertained to the school, but I can understand that,” said Gomez.

Few people tried the wings, most had eaten beforehand, but Gomez said the competition was what he had come for primarily.