Kenzies beauty corner week 3 – fall favorites tag

Kenzie McCoy

All week I have opened up my YouTube subscriptions page to see video after video about the Fall Favorites tag that Jaclyn Hill, the makeup queen herself, created. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, YouTuber Jaclyn Hill made up her own questionnaire about the wonderfulness that is the fall season and tagged other YouTubers to answer them. Although I’m no makeup YouTube guru, I thought these questions were fun, and I encourage you all to let me know your answers to the tag.

1. Favorite candle in the fall?

Here comes the expected rant about Bath and Body Work’s fall candle releases. You knew it was coming. My favorite fall candle has to be the BBW pumpkin pie candle. I love how it smells spicy and sweet at the same time, and it’s one of those candles that smells up your whole house, or apartment in my case. Straying from the typical BBW candles, I also wanted to mention another candle I recently found: Swan Creek, my mom and I have become obsessed with them. These candles are super strong and yummy. When I’m not burning pumpkin pie, I’m burning my Swan Creek candle in wedding cake. Add a hot cup of coffee and you’ve got the perfect fall ambiance. Heck yeah.

2. Favorite Lip Color?

I’m a die hard nude lip kind of gal, but I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone and try some darker colors. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup, especially lip colors. My favorite fall lip color is a lippie stix from Colourpop. I can’t stop raving about these lippie stix, but they’re $5 and so dang good. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

My favorite fall lipstick is Colourpop’s lippie stix ($5) in the color Flawless. It’s the perfect dupe for MAC’s infamous lipstick in rebel. It’s that super flattering, plum color that looks great on everyone. I like this formula better than the MAC one because it’s longer lasting and doesn’t move around or get on my teeth as easily.

3. Favorite drink?

Pumpkin spice latte. Is there anything better? I may or may not be drinking one as I type this sentence.

4. Favorite blush?

I love putting on blush. It just makes your face look alive. Since I’m pretty fair and my skin begins to resemble paper the deeper we get into the colder months, I like a blush that isn’t too deep or pigmented. My favorite is hands down Benefit’s Dallas blush ($28). It’s almost one of those bronzer/blush combos for my fair-skinned homies, but it’s such a beautiful, unique, dusty-rose color that gives the perfect color to my cheeks. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll dust this all over the outside perimeters of my face because it has a bronzy undertone. It pairs great with deeper lip colors.

5. Favorite clothing item?

Cardigans! I’m pretty sure my family knows it’s the fall season when my black and tan cardigan appears again. Cardigans just make every outfit look put together and they’re so cozy and comfy. I love that I can take it off if I get a little toasty as well. My all-time favorite cardigan is from Express. I also usually get my cardigans from Target and Old Navy.

6. Favorite fall movie/favorite fall TV Show?

I’m not someone who watches the same movie over and over, so I couldn’t think of my favorite fall movie. However, I love all the fall TV shows that come around in the fall time. My all time favorite is Scandal – who doesn’t want to be Olivia Pope? I also love Empire, Arrow, Reign, Sleepy Hollow and The Walking Dead. Sleepy Hollow is perfect to watch during the fall since it’s Halloween/fall themed, so is The Walking Dead because of zombies of course.

7. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Noodles! My mom makes the best homemade noodles. Add some noodles on some mashed potatoes and I’m a happy camper. Now I’m hungry.

8. Favorite Halloween costume?