‘Scream Queens’ proves to be a mixed bag

Hallee Haar

What am I watching? I found myself asking that several times throughout the whole three episodes of “Scream Queens” that are available on Hulu. Despite this, I actually found myself semi-addicted to the show. Good, bad, I can’t quite tell what this show is yet.

The plotline resembles a modern “who dunnit” with lots of twists and turns in the first few episodes. Every five minutes or so, I found myself shocked and questioning what I knew so far. Nothing in the show seems set in stone, and the writers seem to have no problem killing off any of the cast in a heartbeat.

The cast themselves have a wide array of personalities, ranging from fairly interesting to annoying. Some of the characters seem a bit one dimensional. Excluding Grace, the main character, all of the sorority girls, so far have only shown one side of their personalities.

The cast is full of celebrities. Lea Michele, Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Diego Boneta are all main characters in the show. With an all star cast like that, the acting in the show is fantastic.

If you look at the show as a satire, then all of the characters make sense. However, if you watch it just for entertainment, the show appears fairly homophobic with a rude cast of egotistical characters.

It is a mystery who the killer is that wears the red devil costume (the school mascot). It is revealed that there are two killers, and while there is one hint to their identities that is revealed (I will not spoil that for you) the other one is a complete mystery.

While the cast has been okay at best, the show got a lot of points back when you look at the plot. A serial killer is on campus going after sorority women and possibly a group of golfing guys (I am not sure yet if they are being targeted like the women).

Grace, the newest member of the sorority, teams up with Pete, a guy who works for the newspaper, to find out who the killer is. Their original goal, however, is to take out Chanel, the sorority president.

The whole sorority seems obsessed with Chanel doing whatever she wants, no matter how ridiculous it is. It is kind of funny to watch the ladies run around and act crazy for her, but I could not help but feel bad for them when they have to slap themselves for not knocking on her door.

The only character that I hated more than Chanel was her boyfriend Chad. He reeked of overconfidence and went around screaming about how everyone wants to sleep with him. Don’t get me wrong, he was attractive, but he was too much of a jerk for that to matter at all.

The show portrays a popularity contest among college students, and shows how self-centered college students can be. As a comedy, I laughed quite a bit, but it was mostly just okay. As a horror, it’s a bit better, because I am desperate to find out who the red devil killers are. The show is pretty great in terms of entertainment.

So overall, the show is really ridiculous and makes you feel bad for several members of the cast while hating others, like any good writing should. Despite my confusion on my mixed opinion of the show, I will be tuning in next week to see what happens next.