Fall weather arouses opinions and changes in attire

Hallee Haar

As the season shifts towards fall, Washburn is already seeing the difference.

Colder weather means darker colored clothes, longer sleeves, lots of flannel and of course Uggs. It means that the leaves change colors and a near constant chill hangs in the air.

Snow probably won’t hit anytime soon, but long walks at night make it seem like it could any day.

So how are students reacting to this change of weather? A few students commented on how much colder this fall has already been compared to those in the past. In fact, this fall and winter is projected to be much colder than last year’s.

Freshmen specifically seem very upset by the weather change. While some of this could be the fact that they may not have access to their entire closet, most students seemed more upset by allergies than anything else.

“I hate it. My allergies are acting up really bad. I will wake up with really sore throats,” said Lea Houdhton, freshman undecided major, when asked about the change in weather.

Alex Greene, freshman elementary education major, agreed with that sentiment: “It makes me upset, I don’t know what to wear.”

However, some students are reacting more enthusiastically to the fall weather. 

“I love the leaves of fall,” said Michaela Miller, freshman forensic chemical science major.     

So while the leaves are considered pretty by some, it appears that more than a few people are upset about allergies and cold weather. Only time will tell how harsh this fall season will be and how enjoyable it will be for students.