Pin 2

Week two of my pin of the week was a success, with my craft to make liquid nebula.

            Liquid nebula is meant to look like part of the galaxy in a bottle. It has a spacey look, and makes an interesting room decoration.

            This one was surprisingly easy and a lot of fun. It was also mess free! The hardest part of this craft was picking colors of the nebula. I settled for two purple colors, a blue, and a pink.

            Immediately I used way too much food coloring so my nebulas came out a bit darker, than desired, but it is all just a learning experience. This one was super fast; in fact I made three of them in a matter of minutes.

            I think that anyone interested in getting into the do it yourself style, should try this as an easy start. Admittedly, it is sort of difficult to get the glitter to listen to me.

            My first attempt with the glitter was a bit of a failure. It made hard lines of glitter, instead of blending in with the rest of the bottle. By stirring more on my second jar, I was able to fix this problem.

            The whole project is rather self-explanatory. If you are interested in learning how to make liquid nebula, go on Pinterest and look for the name “Washburn Pins” and it will be under the “Crafts” category.