Kenzie’s Beauty Corner Week 4 – Filling in eyebrows makes huge impact

Kenzie McCoy

Let’s talk about something that may be missing from your makeup routine, but can make a huge difference in your overall look: Eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows.

Did you know that filling in your eyebrows can make your makeup look more professional and put together? In my opinion, this often forgotten makeup step makes the biggest, and best, difference to any makeup look.

Having a good hair day can boost my confidence and make my look feel complete. However, while many women take the time to do their hair, some don’t take the few extra minutes to add some extra definition to their eyebrows.

Eyebrows frame the face and can make your makeup go from pretty to both well balanced and put together.

The sculpted and defined eyebrow, which began with the ’50s pin up look, reappeared and took off in recent years, escalating with the release of many new eyebrow products.

On the high end makeup spectrum, Anastasia Beverly Hills is queen of the eyebrow world with her famous eyebrow pencils, brushes, powders and other brow products. Just within the past year, however, drugstore brands have released many eyebrow products that even rival Anastasia’s products. Check out the eyebrow products created by NYX cosmetics to see products that rival those hyped-up Anastasia products.

Some people may prefer brow powders (you can even use eyeshadow for this), some prefer pomades, which hold eyebrow hairs into place well, and others may like eyebrow pencils to create realistic hair strokes. I suggest using a powder or pencil for those who are just experimenting with your brows or just want a light fill-in. Whatever you use, practice filling out the shape of your brow a few times, as it may take a couple of tries to get your desired shape. I myself like to create a line along the bottom of my brow and then fill in upwards until my brows looks uniform and more prominent.

Quick tip: If you have dark hair, opt for a brow color that’s slightly lighter than your hair color. If you have light hair, go a little darker with your eyebrow pencil.

Not only can filling in your eyebrows make your face look more put together, it also compliments any eye shadow you use because it creates a frame for your eyeshadow. After doing your eyebrows, put a light or white eyeshadow under your brow to highlight the brow bone and complete the brow look. If you get a little messy with your eyebrow products, use some of your concealer to clean up any mistakes.

There are many different methods and products you can use to sculpt or lightly fill in those lovely eyebrows of yours. The goal is to fill in those sparse or hairless areas of the eyebrows to make them look uniform and add definition to the eye area. Keep practicing until those brows are on fleek!