Sexual assault task force aims to promote campus safety

Brenden Williams

The Take Back the Night vigil Thursday Oct. 29 will bring students and community members as well as guest speakers together for a march and candlelight vigil to stand against sexual violence.

Ten cities across the U.S. were selected as a “point of light” and Topeka is one of the cities selected.

The vigil will start outside the Memorial Union at 6 p.m. for those wishing to attend.

This event supports WSGA’s president Blake Porter plan to address sexual crime on campus.

Porter formed the sexual assault task force to look into how other universities and organizations have worked to prevent sexual assault, and is working to bring awareness regarding sexual assault to Washburn’s campus.

Porter appointed Mikayla Douglas, public relations director, as the chair of the task force.

“The idea was that she would chair it, and there’s a few other members of student government on there, and they’re actually working with our campus affairs committee,” Porter said.

Though the cause is important to Porter, he believes it is important for the entire senate to be involved.

“I don’t want to just push my own ideas, I want the senate to hear these suggestions and decide what they think is the best plan to go forward,“ said Porter.

The chair for the sexual assault task force, Mikayla Douglas, along with other members of the committee, collaborated with Sullivan on the organization of the Take Back the Night vigil.

Douglas is organizing the task force to promote overall awareness and safety.

“With recent events happening in other colleges, we just wanted to make sure we were taking action in our college. It was started to implement procedures and safety precautions,” said Douglas.

“It’s my job to facilitate the task force, so I meet with Sharon Sullivan, who has been so helpful in this whole process,” Douglas said.“We collaborated with STAND and Campus Affairs.”