Snowflakes soar to Disney

Kenzie McCoy

Flying to Disney World just got a lot more exciting with Canadian Airlines Company WestJet’s release of a painted plane inspired by Disney’s “Frozen” franchise. The Boeing 737 is has a full-body paint job representing all of the fun characters from this ultra-popular children’s movie.

“I think it’s a cool idea, but I think it’s definitely exploiting how much kids love Disney [movies], but, I mean, it’s still really cool,” said Marissa Coyle, junior history major.

The tail end of the plane displays Princesses Elsa and Anna, and the fun-loving snowman Olaf is shown relaxing on a beach towards the front of the plane. WestJet’s hyper-detailed paint job took over 21 days of continuous work form their crew.

“I, personally, would ride it. I love Disney World, so I would be on that plane in a minute,” said Caitlin McGee, sophomore psychology major.

The team painting the airplane was told to watch “Frozen” before starting the painting process to get inspired and in the right mindset. Over 170 gallons of paint were used to bring Disney’s magic and characters to life on this one of a kind aircraft. Glitter was also incorporated within in the paint to make the plane shimmer and shine while soaring in and out of the clouds.

The inside of the plane is fully decorated with snowflakes and a winter motif to tie into the movie’s landscape of snow and ice.

The colorful plane began making trips from Toronto to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. On Oct. 19. however, the plane will also be flying other routes without landing in Disney.