The Barden Bellas are Back Again

Shayndel Jones

Universal Pictures announced the Barden Bellas are at it again with a new film set to release on Aug. 4, 2017. “Pitch Perfect 3” was originally scheduled to release July 21, 2017, but has been bumped back to Aug. 4.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson were the first stars to be confirmed to return for the third film, reprising their roles as Beca and Fat Amy. Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld are also returning to their roles as Chloe and Emily. Kay Cannon, who wrote the scripts for the first two movies, will write the new script.

Elizabeth Banks will return to direct and produce the third film, but is unsure if she will continue to star in the role of Gail. Currently, these are the only cast members confirmed to return for the next movie. Other cast members will be announced later.

“Pitch Perfect is a great movie. I like the characters and the story line a lot,” said Hannah Alexander, freshman social work major.

Fans are hyped to see another Barden Bellas aca-adventure in action, but are curious as to what will happen next in the series. Some fans are unsure what plot “Pitch Perfect 3” will pursue as most of the Barden Bellas have now graduated college. Hailee Steinfeld’s addition to the cast was the mark of the film’s franchise plans.