Mark Meets World: Good game Royals, great party fans

Mark Feuerborn

Stating the obvious, the Royals won the World Series this past Sunday, Nov. 1. Fans across both Kansas and Missouri went wild in celebration, over joyed that they brought home the crown.

The best part of this win is the fact that Royals fans have shown undying support, even in the face of a 2014 World Series loss, and that support is now being rewarded. In spite of last year’s loss at the hands of the San Francisco Giants, Royals fans were still proud of their team for working hard enough to make it into the championship. They had good reason, too; the team had a better postseason record than the 2014 winners of the World Series. The fans recognize that the Royals work hard, and even if they lose, the fans know the players did their absolute best.

I can’t say the same about Mets fans. In covering the game the following morning, the New York Post headline read: “Mets blow it again, lose World Series; Amazin’ Disgrace.” It would appear as though the entirety of New York is outraged at their team, and every bumble by the team in the game is in the spotlight.

Not only have the Royals fans shown support in times both good and bad, they know how to celebrate a win the right way. In 2014, in light of their victory, 40 arrests were made, nine police cars were damaged, and two people were shot in San Francisco. Comparatively, Chief Darryl Forte of the Kansas City Police Department tweeted “No fights or arrests during celebrations. Exactly what we expected from our community. Great job by all.”

Royals fans across Kansas continued to show good sportsmanship throughout festvities today, the only exception being at KU, where students tore down the football stadium goal post and dragged it to a lake for some reason, causing $10,000 worth of damage overall. Jayhawks will be Jayhawks.

Granted, our rowdy Lawrence neighbors’ misbehavior still doesn’t quite compare to a San Francisco riot. Keep it up Royals fans, this is how baseball should be done.