Just keep swimming

Kenzie Mccoy

The lovable, but very forgetful Dory, a blue tang fish that made her first appearance in Pixar’s 2003 children’s movie, “Finding Nemo,” returns for second time in the much anticipated sequel, “Finding Dory.”

The focus will be shifting from characters Nemo and Marlin to Dory and her often-fleeting memories in the new film, which will be released in June 2016.

Comedian and voice of Dory Ellen DeGeneres first released the news of the sequel back in 2013 on her talk show, but new buzz about the film has begun with the release of the official trailer for “Finding Dory.” DeGeneres also released the new “Finding Dory” trailer on her YouTube channel and website.

In an interview about Dory’s character with People magazine, DeGeneres said, “She’s been lost for a long time, and she’s just tried to act like everything’s fine. And in this film, you see that it’s kind of like she’s taken a little bit of a—she’s paid a toll on it.”

Justin Braun, senior mass media major, recalls watching “Finding Nemo” and is curious about the upcoming sequel.

“I probably won’t see [the movie] right away, but eventually,” said Braun. “It’s going to be really popular, or I really think so because ‘Finding Nemo’ was.”

The trailer confirms that previous characters from the first film will be returning to help Dory with the revelation of her first actual memory of remembering her family. The trailer begins with Dory, mumbling about her mother in her sleep. However, a few minutes later into the trailer shows that Dory forgets her memory once again, reminding fans of her funny and scatterbrained nature.

“I don’t know how the film will work out, though, if [Dory] starts to remember stuff because the trailer makes it look like she’s remembering stuff,” said Braun. “The funniest parts in [“Finding Nemo”] were when she didn’t remember stuff.”

“Finding Dory” will take place off the coast of California, six months after the exciting events conclude in “Finding Nemo.” “Finding Nemo” director, Andrew Stanton, will be returning to direct the sequel.

“I saw the trailer and I really liked it,” said Tylor Denoya, senior mass media major. “I can’t wait for summer to come because it looks so good and it looks like she’s remembering things, which seems interesting to see what’s going to happen. I love Dory, even though she forgets things. I mean, I forget things a lot so I guess I kind of relate to that.”