Henderson elevator undergoes repairs

Chadd Clubine

Frustrations continue to grow as the east elsevator in Henderson Learning Center underwent repairs last week.

The issue lies in how inconvenient it can be for students who need to use the elevator, but can’t. When it’sunder maintenance, students who need the elevator have to use the service elevator in the center of Henderson. Because the east elevator is the public elevator in Henderson, it’s a considerable issue when it is frequently under repair.

Jessica Rankin, elementary education and cultural anthropology major, said that the consistent construction is unfair to students who require the use of the elevator.

“Every student should be able to access the elevators at all times of the day,” Rankin said. “This has been going on for too long. I find this to be frustrating because it’s unfair for the students who can’t use the stairs to have a more difficult process of getting to class.”

The broken elevators came at an inconvenient time with advising and enrollment this week. Students needed to be able to visit with their advisers to plan their next semester.

Brendan Henault, who is pursuing an associate’s degree in design and technology, also finds the consistent repairs frustrating.

“We have an elevator in that building for a reason,” Henault said. “I would understand if this was just a day problem, but this is going on much more than a day, which makes this a problem.”

The latest round of repairs to the east elevator in Henderson were completed over the weekend. As of Nov. 3, the elevator was in working order again. However, students remain concerned as to the implications these continued repairs have on access and availability.