‘Peanuts’ movie hits hard with nostalgia

‘Peanuts’ movie hits hard with nostalgia

Lisa Herdman

“The Peanuts Movie” has brought an overload of cuteness and epic adventure to theaters.

When Charlie Brown notices a red-haired girl that moves in across the street from him, he falls in love. He pushes himself to become a “winner” to catch her eye. Meanwhile, Snoopy writes his own tale on a typewriter about his journey as an aviator to find his true love.

The movie had great humor without going into slap-comedy or dumbed-down dialogue. In a few scenes, utter chaos erupts and the situation is funnier than what the character says. One scene in particular had Charlie Brown sliding down a hill uncontrollably on his sled, running through obstacles and somehow ending up back at his house. This comedy reminds me of when this comic first came out, and it put a smile on my face.

I was happy to see that the character designs stayed true to the comic’s roots, even though they were animated.

I was afraid that this movie may become one-dimensional, but it carried itself well and always kept my interest.

Snoopy wrote about going on an adventure on his doghouse, and the animation for his story was really well done with some pretty intense action. The flying scenes added their own quirkiness to the movie.

I also was really impressed by the take the movie had on love, making it more than just attraction. The movie stressed the point that being a “winner” is not the same as being a good person, too. It’s phenomenal to see all of this in a children’s movie.

This movie is full of charm, action and great humor for children and adults alike.

4/5 stars