Women’s soccer finishes off regular season

Dylan McManis

The Washburn soccer team returned home this weekend after a hard-fought victory against Emporia State and, despite Sunday’s loss to Fort Hays State, holds hope for the post season.

On Friday Oct. 30 the Washburn soccer team played against ESU for the second time this season.

Last time the two teams met, ESU defeated Washburn 3-0, but in the second game the tides turned and Washburn scored the singular goal that won them the game 1-0.

The goal was shot in the 74th minute by midfielder Morgan El-Attrache. It was her first goal of the season as well as the final goal for Washburn during the regular season.

Sunday Nov. 1 was Washburn’s Senior Day game, which opened with a senior recognition ceremony before the game.

This year’s seniors are midfielder Sara Specht, forward Bailey Wobig and forward Whitney Skinner.

The game itself was a loss against Fort Hays State, 0-1. The Ichabods had played Fort Hays State the previous Friday, Oct. 23 to a 1-1 tie, but the two matches hold major differences in one of college soccer’s rougher areas: fouls.

In the previous game against Fort Hays State, Washburn received two yellow cards while Fort Hays received one yellow and one red, but the foul count of the game overall was kept relatively low despite the fact that Fort Hays State’s singular goal that game was scored off of a foul on Washburn.

In the latest Fort Hays State game however, Washburn received all three of the game’s yellow cards, one of which was handed to the team’s coach when he tried to argue against a foul.

While a large number of fouls could be argued for both teams, none of the fouls directly influenced the one goal of the game.

The single goal of the game that was scored by Fort Hays State was during a large scrum in the Washburn goalie box that left Washburn goalie Kaitlin Minnich blocked by a screen of Fort Hays players who easily knocked the ball into the goal.

“We got unlucky, missed a couple of tackles and they capitalized right there in the box,” Washburn coach Chris Jones said.

On Wednesday Nov. 4, Washburn will play against the University of Central Missouri for the first round of the MIAA tournament in Warrensburg, Missouri.

“It’s good to see that the program can make the tournament,” Jones said. “It’s a big step in the right direction. We just gotta work hard this week and hit it hard in the MIAA tournament.”

This season is Jones’ first season as head coach of the Washburn soccer team, and the team’s 5-8-5 record is an improvement on previous years.

“There were a couple of matches where it was disappointing that we tied or we lost, but that’s just how soccer goes,” Jones said. “In the spring we’re gonna work hard on our technical ability and a lot of little stuff that we gotta work on as individuals that will help our team get better for next season.

“It’s gonna be a tough road ahead, but I think we can do it,” Jones said.

For a list of the regular seasons statistics, visit wusports.com.